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Summer 2024 
*Summer break--Woohoo! Enjoy every moment each day has to offer.
*Check-out all the photos in the photo gallery before they're gone mid-summer; pictures from throughout the year are in the albums.
*We had a great year of WIN time--ixl really helped improve Aimsweb scores. Way to go!
*Chess will resume next school year at the beginning of September.

Summer 2024 monthly newsletter--Check it out!! It has updated general info every month and is available through a link on the left side of my webpage at pcwolves.net. It currently has a supply list for fall and information about 6th grade.

Scott BR Book reading:  
 Be sure to read a whole bunch this summer--magazines, history websites, novels, graphic novels....you name it! Keep working on those skills and be ready for AR reading next year in 7th grade.

"In-Class"  Reading: Wit and Wisdom novels and individual projects will be the focus, along with working on specific themes supported by multiple texts. AS you read this summer, ask yourself, "What lesson is this trying to teach?" and "How can my opinion be supported with evidence?"

Scott Math: **As you shop, try some real-life math problems, like sales tax and purchase totals. Math is truly everywhere!

Language:  Write a creative story....author a poem...write a friend or relative an actual paper letter to send in the mail....so many options!

Social Studies:  Where will you travel this summer? What history can be found there? Are you visiting a museum?
Science:  Try an experiment....build simple machines with Legos...explore!