A Little Bit About Me :)
A little bit about me...
*I grew-up in Cary, IL (about 2 hours straight east of PC) and graduated from Cary-Grove High School.
*I lived in Rockford, IL for four years, working as a teacher at KinderCare.
*DJ and I have two daughters: Janette, a 2009 PC Graduate (Bachelors in Photography, Associates in Graphic Design) who lives in Kalamazoo, MI with her husband Mike and our two grand-dogs, Pixel and Griffin, and Gwendolyn, a 2010 PC Graduate who lives in Crystal Lake, IL (Masters in Social Work)
*Proudly, I became the original director of the Pearl City Daycare, which opened in 1994 and brought my family to Pearl City! Happy 28th Anniversary to the Daycare!!
*I worked at the daycare for four years, babysat at my home for a few, then began working as a one-on-one aide at Pearl City School (2 years) and a remedial aide (3 years).
*This is my 16th year in 6th grade--can that be?? So all added together, this is my 25th year working for the Pearl City School District--woohoo!
*I spent my sixth-grade year at Maplewood School in Cary; sadly, the only school I attended growing up that still exists is Cary-Grove High School. Oak Knoll, Maplewood, and Cary Junior High (the old one) all have closed and been repurposed.
Other little tidbits....
**Sadie is our yellow lab. 
**You'll catch me watching Stranger Things, Somebody Feed Phil, and interesting documentaries.
**Broadway shows make me so happy!
**I accompany students in band for solo/ensemble contests, and I play for the St. John's Chancel Choir.
**I once worked at Seven Acres Wildwest Town and Antique Village/Museum in Union, IL--I announced gunfights, old-time movies, and handled the gift shop--a fun couple of summers!!
**I play piano and flute--my favorite parts of high school!