Check back here for weekly updates on what's going on in 4B!

Week of November 1:
I cannot believe it's November already! Time is flying. Last week was a crazy whirlwind. This week we will settle back into our normal routine. A notable announcement is that we'll begin our Native American research projects this week. It is a 2 part project, a Google Slideshow and a triarama. The slideshow will be completed at school, and the triarama will be completed at home. An information packet will come home today.
Let's have a great week!

Week of October 4:
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Nothing huge to update about the week ahead.. we are beginning Module 2 in Math and working on the South region in Social Studies. We have a short writing assessment in ELA and then we begin reading our novel, Love That Dog.
Let's have a great week!

-Mrs. B

Week of September 27:

Some quick notes about our upcoming week:
*We finish Module 1 in Math. Our Module 1 test is on Thursday. The students brought home a study guide over the weekend. If they bring it back to school with them on Thursday, they will be able to use it to help them on the test.
*Our ELA module has us learning about the circulatory system, and we get to do a little science experiment this week, as well as have our first Socratic Seminar of the year. We've been focusing on using correct capitalization as we practice writing summaries after finding the main idea and supporting details of the passages we've read.
*We will begin studying our next US Region, the South, this week.
*In Science, we will begin a unit on WAVES.

Let's have a great week!!
-Mrs. B

Week of September 20:

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! I'm looking forward to having a full, regular week this week and getting back into our groove. Hard to believe we are already halfway through the first quarter!!

We are working on multi-digit subtraction with multiple regroupings in math. In ELA, we are reading and writing about the literal meaning of a great heart, practicing finding evidence and elaborating on the evidence, as well as finding a main idea and supporting it with details. Students who have Fluency homework, it is due tomorrow (Monday). In Science, we will review our study of energy and have a quiz on Friday. In Social Studies, we are going to study the immigration process through Ellis Island as a wrap up to our study of the Northeast, before we move on to the South region. Students will also complete research on one of the Northeast states.

Let's have a great week!!

-Mrs. B

Week of September 13:
Here's a brief look at the week ahead:

*Math Quiz Monday- Students may bring their study guide back to school and use it to help them on the quiz.

**The Northeast Test Wednesday- Students should be studying for their Northeast region test, which is on Wednesday. They brought home a study guide over the weekend.

***Friday is an Early Release day- 11:15.

****Homework Helper has begun. Homework Helper is for students in 4th-6th Grades. It runs Mon-Thurs after school until 3:45. This is for students who need extra help with their homework. Unfortunately, it will only work for students who have an alternative way to get home other than riding the bus. Please let me know if you plan on having your child attend homework helper AND how they will be getting home afterwards.

Let's have a great week!! #GoPACKGo

-Mrs. B

Week of September 6:
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. We have a few things to finish up from last week. We will keep moving forward in Module 1 for math, working on rounding numbers to the nearest thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand. In ELA, we have a short writing assessment, and will begin reading about the circulatory system. We will finish our study of The Northeast region. Students will have a test on The Northeast, including the states and capitals, on Wednesday, Sept 15. They will bring a study guide home this week. In Science, we continue our study of energy by learning about potential and kinetic energy. Let's have a great week!
🤍Mrs. B

Week of August 30:
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I saw some pictures from the PC Boulevard Bash that looked like a great time was had!
We continue Module 1 in Math this week, working with large numbers up to the millions. We will begin Module 1 of our ELA curriculum this week, as well. This encompasses reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and listening. I'm so excited to get started.
In Science, we will continue our study of energy by learning about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. In Social Studies, we begin our study of the regions with the Northeast.

*Picture Day is Thursday and Book Orders are due Friday.

Let's have a great week!!
-Mrs. B

Week of August 23:
I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Time to dive into our first FULL 5 day week of school in a very, very long time. I say dive in, but really we are going to slowly start building our daily routine this week.
We will be completing our Fall Aimsweb benchmarking.
In Science, we will kick off our study of Energy with energy transfer and a fun experiment.
Social Studies, we will begin our study of the United States regions.
In ELA, we will study figurative language to prepare us for the beginning of our new curriculum.
We will also complete our first few lessons in Math Module 1, which focus on place value and rounding. It's going to be a great week.
remember, students should bring a water bottle as the drinking fountains are not in service due to covid. They may also bring a snack.

*Please be sure Chromebooks are charged when they come back to school each day. Thank you!

And always, #ChooseKIND
-Mrs. B