Check back here for updates on what's going on in 4B!

Week of March 11: 
  I hope everyone had a nice weekend, with a little extra time off on Friday. 
The next two weeks are important ones as we begin the IAR test.  This week, beginning on Wednesday, we’ll be taking the MATH portion of the IAR.  Next Monday and Tuesday, we’ll do the ELA portion.  The IAR test is just one small snapshot of your child’s academic achievement, and you and I both know their strengths and weaknesses far better than a test could ever show.  However, it is still important and I’m asking for your help in encouraging your child to take it seriously, take their time, and try to do their very best. It is also important that they get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast. We’ve been working hard all year, are still working hard, and this is a chance to show it. WE’VE GOT THIS, 4B!!! 

*We will be working hard to finish our Young Author books over the next two weeks.
*We will not have spelling words or any other tests during these next two weeks. 
*We’re going to have a great week!
Mrs. B

Week of November 27:

  I hope everyone enjoy the long weekend/Thanksgiving break.  I’m looking forward to us getting back into a more normal routine now that our Native American projects are over.  
*Our spelling words this week all have “y” as a vowel.  
*We will not have new morphemes this week, but will review the ones we’ve already studied. 

*On Friday, we will have a math quiz on multiplying 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers; 2 digit by 2 digit numbers; and long division of 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit divisor.  This is all stuff we’ve been working on, and we will review during the week.  

*Remember, we are collecting dog food, dog treats, and dog toys for our class holiday charity drive. We’re collecting until Monday, December 18, which will be here before we know it! I can’t believe our year is almost half over already! 

It’s going to be a great week! #ChooseKIND
Mrs. B

Week of September 25:
  This week, the students will begin their first novel, Tuck Everlasting.  Each day, they will read 1 or 2 chapters and work on a specific skill, like character analysis, summarizing, making inferences, and point of view.  They will also study a vocabulary word specific to those chapters.  The spelling words this week end in a double consonant.  There will not be new morphemes this week, but they will practice the ones we've already learned.
   In Math, they will begin Module 2, which has to do with Measurement conversions.  There are only 5 lessons in Module 2, so they will work through those lessons this week. 
   In Science, they'll be working on our energy conversions vocabulary.  They'll make a study folder and complete various activities using all of the vocabulary words from our first unit. 
   In Social Studies,  they'll be reading Scholastic News and completing various assignments that go with it. 
I hope everyone has a great week! #ChooseKIND
Love, Mrs. B

Week of September 18:
   We are continuing The Circulatory Story this week, focusing on finding main idea and details, as well as discussing how the author's use of figurative language helps us better understand the complex text.  Our spelling words are one syllable words ending in -ld, -lt, -nd, and -st.  Our new morpheme this week is a Greek one, scope. 
   In Math, we'll be finishing Module 1.  We will have a short quiz on Friday on the concepts of Module 1, which include place value, rounding, and addition and subtraction of large numbers. 
   In Science, we are still studying energy conversions and will be learning more about energy inputs and outputs this week. 
   In Social Studies, we've begun Chapter 2, which is about America and it's history.  

**Pictures are this Thursday, the 21st.  
Let's have a great week, 4B! #ChooseKIND
Mrs. B

Week of September 11: 
   This week in ELA, we will begin learning about the literal great heart, we'll study a painting and begin reading the book The Circulatory Story.  Our new morphemes this week are suffixes, -ly and -ion.  Our new spelling pattern is ending blends. 
   In Math, we are working on adding and subtracting 5 and 6 digit numbers with regrouping and borrowing.  It sounds easy when I say it, but it really takes a lot of practice, especially for students who don't have their facts memorized.  Any extra practice you can do at home on facts is helpful!
   In Science, we are continuing our study of energy and electricity as we work to help solve the blackout problem in Ergstown.  
    In Social Studies, we have our first test on Tuesday.  We'll review Monday, take the test Tuesday, and then begin chapter 2 later in the week.  Students brought home a study guide over the weekend and should be looking it over. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Keep #ChoosingKIND 4B! I love seeing all the ways you spread kindness in our room and beyond! 
 Mrs. B

Week of September 4:
   I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  
I feel like we are really into the swing of things now.  I've been really impressed with how the students have adjusted to a new grade, new teacher, new routine...everything. 
  Since it is a short week, we will not have spelling words or new morphemes this week.  We will keep practicing the morphemes we've already learned. 
   We are working on writing our first essay in ELA, that focuses on what it means to have a great heart.  The students will be following the Painted Essay format to write their essays.  
  In Math, we are working on rounding numbers to a specific place value.
  In Science, we are continuing our study of energy and electricity to help us solve the problem of blackouts in Ergstown. We've already done some pretty cool activities that go along with our unit, and we have more to come. 
 In Social Studies, we will finish Chapter 1, learning about the geography of the United States.  A study guide will come home this week and we'll have a test on Chapter 1 next week, either on Monday or Tuesday... we'll see how the week goes. 
We are going to have a great week! 
Remember to #ChooseKIND 
Mrs. B

Week of August 28:
   Despite the heat, our first full week of school was fantastic.  We accomplished a lot in terms of getting our routines and procedures down, and got a great start on our academics.  I hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy the much better weather this weekend.  I am looking forward to week 2. 

 This week we will really start getting into the groove of our schedule and our learning. 

In ELA, we are going to continue our study of the great heart, focusing on the figurative meaning.  We will read biographies and practice writing using the Painted Essay format. Our spelling pattern this week is initial consonant blends. We will also add some prefix morphemes to our morpheme card packs. 
**Students will have Fluency Homework this week.  It will come home tomorrow(Monday) and it will be due on Friday.  They will have a short passage to practice reading 3-5 times each night. 

In Math, we are working on place value and correctly reading and writing large numbers. 
In Science, we are studying energy and working as systems engineers to help solve a (fictional) town's problem with blackouts.
In Social Studies, we are learning about the geography of the United States. 

I have been blown away by the kindness I've seen in this class.  Keep it up, 4B! #ChooseKIND always!
It's going to be a great week!
Mrs. B

 Week of August 21:

  We had an awesome first day on Friday, and now we are ready for our first full week of school.  We will spend the week practicing our routines and procedures, completing our beginning of the year benchmarks, and beginning to explore our curriculum. 

Here are a few of the things we'll be studying this week:
In Math, we will begin studying place value.
In ELA, we'll begin our module on The Great Heart.
Our spelling pattern for the week will be consonant digraphs (2 letters that work together to make 1 sound) 
In Science, we will begin our unit on energy. 

*STUDENTS*- Please be sure to charge your Chromebook, and don't forget to bring it back to school on Monday. 
Also, be sure to get your planner signed. And don't forget to give your Recorder Order form to a parent. 

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Always #ChooseKIND
Love, Mrs. B