4th Grade Supply List
Here is a copy of the Fourth Grade School Supply list, with some additional notes provided at the bottom:

2 black sharpies
10 #2 pencils scissors
1 8 oz. Elmer’s washable glue
crayons - 24 ct. box
colored pencils
1 set of wide tip markers
1 red folder with pockets
1 green folder with pockets
2 folders for homework
1 green notebook
1 red notebook
1 color of choice notebook
1 steno notebook
1 zippered pencil pouch
1 12” plastic ruler - inches & metric
6 Highlighter markers yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, pink
2 large boxes of Kleenex
1 container disinfecting wipes
Earbuds (no Bluetooth, Earbuds to be kept at school at all times)
Computer mouse (no Bluetooth, wireless preferred)
1 pair of gym shoes (non-marking)  
shorts for girls to wear on the playground & during PE
Paint shirt
backpack without wheels (they do not fit in lockers)
Items not required, but always appreciated:
- Hand Soap
- Ziploc baggies
- Expo Dry-Erase markers