Check back here for weekly updates on what's going on in 4B!

Week of October 10:
I hope everyone enjoyed this long, beautiful weekend!
In math, we'll finish Module 2 and move on to Module 3: multiplication and division. In ELA, we'll have our heart diagram quiz tomorrow and then move on to study poetry, while continuing to focus on having a great heart. In Science, we're beginning chapter 3 of our energy unit. In Social Studies, we're beginning our study of the South Region, as well as having our South States and Capitals test on Friday. It's going to be a great week!
❤️Mrs. B

Week of October 3:
I can't believe we are already into October! This year is flying. We are learning a lot and having so much fun!
This week we will start Module 2 in math, which is about measurement and conversions. It is a short module, only 5 lessons. We are almost done with The Circulatory Story in ELA and will move on to poetry, while still focusing on what it means to have a great heart. In Social Studies, we'll begin our study of the South region. This is my favorite because it includes our Native American projects and our Southern Feast. Info about those will be coming up later this month. In Science we'll be writing design arguments and continuing our study of energy.

*Fluency 12A is due tomorrow.
*Charge those Chromebooks.
*Our field trip is this Friday. Students need a disposable lunch, water, tennis shoes, athletic or play clothes that might get dirty, and a hat (baseball cap) is recommended.

Let's have a great week!
❤️Mrs. B

of September 26:
I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!
**This week we will finish Module 1 in math. We'll review on Wednesday and Thursday and have our Module 1 test Friday.
**The Northeast region test is tomorrow (Monday). Students have had their study guides this past week and should've been studying at home. It is a very short test.
**We are still studying energy and electricity in Science. We'll also do some experiments involving apples this week for Johnny Appleseed Day.
**In ELA, we're working on finding main idea and details, writing summaries, and capitalization rules.
*Don't forget to charge those Chromebooks.
Let's have a great week!
❤️Mrs. B