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Week of October 26-30,2020
-Reminders: Remote as of 10/27
*All conference Google Meet links have been sent (appearing as an "invite"). Conferences run 2:30-7:30 pm on both Wed and Thurs. Students have brought home their Chromebooks, so please use those when possible for the Google Meet (each student also received an invitation); students should attend, also.
*POSTPONED:Students are invited to dress-up for different themes each day this week! 
Monday-Dress like a farmer
Tuesday-Dress like a PC staff member
Wednesday-PC Super Fan Day
Thursday-Wear a favorite jersey

*No school on Tuesday 10/27; Remote Wed. & Thurs. Students should look for an email later in the day on Tuesday with a calendar and information.
Also, no school on Monday 11/2 or 11/3--a chance to take a break!

*Picture day: Nov. 10.

*October monthly newsletter-use link on left side of my webpage on
Scott reading:  Students began their first rotation novel last Wednesday. They'll all read four different novels by the end of the school year--they read the same book as two or three others students during the same time period, but work and read independently. The four novels include: The Cay, Night of the Twisters, War Horse, and Thomas Edison (biography). Each packet contains the same parts: 1) Character adjectives with proofs and explanations; 2) 12 vocabulary words specific to their novel--for each word, they are to put their own simple definition, context proof that helps show the meaning, and an explanation of HOW the context proof helped them figure-out the meaning of the word (this tends to be the trickiest part, and requires practice--just saying they used the clue to figure it out is not enough; they have to share their inferences and what they already know that helped them). Bookmark and packet will be due Tuesday, Nov. 10. (new date). Workdays counted included days off-students should plan ahead. 

In-Class Reading: Leveled readers, each focusing on examples from nature that scientists use as inspiration for new ideas, have been sent home to read and accompanying extended response forms will be finished.
We move into the next skill, mood of a story. Optimism vs. Desperation becomes the focus with our next story, "The Magic Gourd." Students will first draw pictures based on short paragraphs I read aloud that contain strong words; then, as they read the selection, they'll make lists of positive/negative words to determine the mood (and how the changing mood keeps the reader interested). As we move on, a "quiz"-like compare/contrast will be completed by using the story with another folktale, "Why the Sea is Salt."

Scott Math: Monday will be a math skill review after using some of the time to fill-in a response paper for kids to use as a guide during conferences (sometimes they feel nervous, so having a paper from which to read helps). Whatever part of the skill review WS isn't finished in class becomes HW. Wed: we begin Lesson 2-4, plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate plane. After completing some examples together, students will use a Google Doc with links to interactive sites. HW: Wkbk pgs. 88 & 89. Thursday, we'll still practice coordinate planes, but mostly we'll focus on the rational numbers that now appear (decimals/fractions), and that can be tricky, especially for the negatives. They'll complete a Math XL for 2-4 in class to practice.

Language: To start the week, we'll continue Pattern 9, Parallel Subjects--they began grouping nouns on a slideshow last week that could be put together into a good sentence based on a similar action verb. They'll write examples, choose their best three to add to a class document, and then copy some more examples onto their papers. Next, a mini-story for Halloween will first be modeled by me, and then students will type their own (using patterns 1-9) onto a slideshow shared in Classroom--the goal being to think about each sentence before writing it so each one follows a different pattern. If time allows, we'll move on to Pattern 10, Parallel Verb Phrases (one subject doing three things). Students will act-out three actions in a row while others write sentences to match the actions onto their desks with dry erase markers. They'll move to a slideshow with picture prompts I've provided, and they'll add their own picture prompts to share with a classmate for writing purposes. 

Social Studies: We'll continue finding proofs and explaining why and why not castles would have been good places to live (using text proofs). We'll do the "Yes" side of the form together and the "No" side will be on their own. In hopes of improving Ted-Ed responses on remote Fridays, we'll complete one together in class using a video about the causes of headaches.

Science:  We'll watch a required bus evacuation drill video right away on Monday. Then, in preparation for making their own interactive quizzes, students will take a quick "quiz" that uses hyperlinks in a slideshow for multiple choice answers. Students will be creating their own using a template I've shared all about the brain. They'll create five M/C questions that will be put onto the slideshow. It's kind of like putting together a puzzle, linking slides together correctly and adding pictures/backgrounds that match the slide. This will be an ongoing project that they'll eventually share to all the classmates so they can take each other's quizzes.

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