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Week of February 18-21, 2020
*Mid-terms went home this past Friday--please return the signed envelope by Tuesday, Feb. 18. Thanks!
*Thursday, Feb. 20 is spring picture day--forms went home last week. If your child hasn't given it to you, please ask him/her for it. :)
*Park District Softball/Baseball is this Thursday evening at the Park District building from 7-8 pm. Forms went home a couple weeks ago.
**Roller skating and Mall of Life will be Feb. 25--Children of volunteers should have brought home a highlighted note about times and location at HCC.
**See info on school's home webpage about yearbook orders.
*February monthly newsletter-use link on left side of my webpage on pcwolves.net

Scott reading: Due this Thursday, Feb. 20: Rotation Novel (One of the following: The Cay, Night of the Twisters, Thomas Edison, War Horse-packet and signed bookmark). Along with the reading, a packet will need to be completed that includes: 1) choosing two adjectives to describe a character and two proof/explanations each from the book to support those choices; 2) 12 pre-chosen vocabs to define, cite the context proof, and explanations of how the clue was used to figure out the definition. 
     In class the week of Feb. 18, we'll finish comparing the good and bad of historical fiction vs. nonfiction using excerpts from the novel Fever: 1793. We'll turn our ideas into a short paragraph with supports, convincing which one is easier/better to read as a 6th grade student.  Once that wraps up, we'll move-on to our next theme (Inspiration) with the story "Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street". After groups brainstorm and create a great definition for the word "inspiration", the kids will view seven different famous paintings, trying to decide the artist's inspiration for each one. Then, each student will choose one of the paintings and create a short "backstory" of what lead to that specific moment in the piece of art. Also, advice from a variety of artists will be read and favorites chosen to jot down, kind of creating a short guide to creativity. As the actual story is read, kids will record the pieces of advice each character provides to a girl trying to write a fun story, deciding which they feel is the best advice. After practicing close-listening/note-taking/jotting and creating good questions from a short story I will read aloud, partners will read a mini-story to each other, taking notes while the other reads for "active listening" and creating their own questions and answers.  

Scott Math: This week, we'll jump to topic 6 and percentages (we're visiting topics in Pearson to try and get a bit of each Topic before state testing in March). Tuesday, we'll complete a few pages together in the workbook to introduce percentages. HW: Additional Practice WS 81/82. Wednesday, after watching a Pearson video (also about percentages), the students will complete around-the-room problems using examples from the add'l practice WS. HW: Wkbk pages 344-346, evens. Thursday, two online Pearson assignments will be finished, a readiness assessment and Math XL for 6-2. HW: Quizzes WS 6-1 and 6-2. Friday, a variety or problems will be completed together that focuses on changing words into numbers and symbols to move between percents, amounts, and percent rates. 
Language:  Thursday, the ROE will be visiting and we'll be spending half an hour with a leader to practice ELA skills. For part of the week, the students will wrap-up their Recipe Poem, following an ABAB rhyming pattern to create a "recipe" for a chosen place. These will be copied onto a big piece of poster paper (planned and measured-out by each student) and will be on view at Open House next month (several are already to this point, and a couple have finished). We'll also take some time to analyze a song's lyrics together ("The Sound of Silence") in preparation for each student doing so to a chosen song (we've been watching some videos of songs that contain lots of metaphors/symbols/similes--basically lots of figurative language). Songs lend themselves very well to main idea, theme, purpose, etc. in addition to the special ideas.

Social Studies: This week, the kids will continue to practice writing checks and keeping an account to help prepare for our Mall of Life field trip next week. Also, the class will finish learning about  Feudalism and the kingdom/castle designing and building will continue to take place using drawn paper cubes, rectangular prisms, and whatever each kingdom decides--a slideshow has been shared in Classroom that shows structural defenses. Last week, we watched a couple of videos about the Magna Carta and King John; a WANTED poster (on a slide) will be made that includes reasons why nobles were so unhappy with him, leading to the signing of that Magna Carta. This will lead into the Revolutionary War by reading about the Stamp Act and then preparing to support the idea that the soldiers at Valley Forge were dedicated to the cause based on their survival in desperate conditions.
Science: The stars/space quiz will be Tuesday, Feb. 18. Study guides were handed out last week, along with a mobile that contains a lot of the information. Kids will also finish group questions about life aboard the ISS, with each student in the group responsible for finding the answers to two questions. On Friday, we'll read a National Geographic article and practice it like an Individual Inquiry page.

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