All About Me :)
I am beginning my 26th year of teaching,  I have taught every grade between preschool and fifth grade, except for kindergarten.  I completed both my bachelor's and master's degrees from Northern Illinois University.  I met my husband Jim while working on my bachelor's degree.  Jim and I have been married for 23 years.  We have two children; Jenna (18) and Jaden (14).  We also have a dog named Jazz.  He is part chocolate lab and part chihuahua.  Yes, you read that correctly.  ;)

I have been using Daily 5 for the past four years to teach reading.  It's a wonderful framework that allows me to spend more individual and small group time with the children and focus on the reading skills that are the children's weaknesses.  I also use Math Daily 3 to help give extra practice and focus on the weak math skills.  

When you walk into our classroom, you will not see desks.  I use flexible seating in our room to help the children stay on task.  I use a wide variety of optional seating such as; standing desks, high tables, stools, yoga balls, scoop chairs, benches, and regular chairs.  

We are continuing to use Eureka Math.  This curriculum is more rigorous than the Saxon math, but it allows the children to really make sense of how and why we do math problems.  I will send home parent tip sheets and have also posted helpful videos on here for your viewing pleasure.

I look forward to working with your child and you during this school year. Let's work together to make this the best year yet for your child!