Check back here for weekly updates on what's going on in 4B!
Week of October 26:

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I can't even believe we are beginning the 2nd Quarter this week! WOW! Even though it is the start of the quarter, it is going to be a bit of a wrap up week for us. We will continue multi-digit multiplication in Module 3, and continue Because of Winn-Dixie, but other than that, we are going to work on finishing up our Classmate biographies and our study of the South. We will fill out a South states and capitals study guide this week. The test on the south states and capitals will be next Wednesday, November 4.

*Some students haven't finished their Friday work, so please try to get that done.
*Remember, this week is our Halloween dress up week if your child wants to participate.
Monday- Farmer
Tuesday- P.C. Staff member
Wednesday- P.C. Spirit Day
Thursday- Jersey Day

*Also remember- Wednesday and Thursday are 1:00 release days due to P/T conferences. I will be sending out the links for our Google Meet conferences in the next couple days.
*There is No School Friday, Oct 30, Monday, Nov 2, or Tuesday, Nov 3.

Let's have a great week! Stay healthy! #ChooseKIND
-Mrs. B

of October 12:
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Please be sure Chromebooks and chargers come back to school tomorrow in their cases. Please be sure Chromebooks are CHARGED when they come back to class. We use them often throughout the day, so they need to be charged. We are beginning Module 3 in math this week. Module 3 begins with Multiplication, as well as the concepts of area and perimeter. Students should be working on their Book Buffet projects. They should have their books read by this coming Friday. Projects are due on Wednesday, October 21. We are going to study the Southern region of the United States, and finish our study of wave properties.
Let's have a great week!

Week of October 5:
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We'll be finishing Module 2 in math this week. We're moving on to Wave Properties in Science. We'll finish our study of immigration in the Northeast with a little simulation activity. Then we will move on to the South region. I have a little surprise up my sleeve for this week, as well. All I will say is that students will need to wear WHITE or NEON colors on WEDNESDAY.
*Please be sure to send back the signed slip regarding the Book Buffet project, as well as Chromebooks and chargers.
Let's have a great week!!

Week of September 28:
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We will take our Module 1 test on Monday, and then move on to Module 2 in math. In Reading, we will continue our study of text structures. We will finish up our study of the land and people of the Northeast in Social Studies, and will begin to study motion in Science. Let's have a great week!

Week of September 21: 
  I hope everyone has had a great weekend with this beautiful weather.  It's hard to believe we are already halfway through Quarter 1! Some people didn't think we'd make it this long "in person", but everyone is doing a great job to try to keep everyone healthy!  Midterms will be coming home on Monday.  Please remember that they are just that...midterms.. We still have 5 weeks of hard work and plenty of opportunities to go before final quarter grades. This week we will finish Module 1 in math and will take a Module 1 test next week.  Students will have a review sheet to bring home and study over the weekend. In Reading, we will be studying Non-Fiction text structures.  Students had a preview lesson of text structures on Friday and we will be digging deeper into each of them this week.  In Social Studies, we will continue our study of the northeast region.  Students will take the northeast states and capitals test on Thursday.  They'll have a study guide to bring home tomorrow(Monday).  We will be doing apple science this week in honor of Johnny Appleseed day which is Sat, Sept 26.  My favorite, grossest experiment is the germy apple experiment.. be sure to stay tuned for the results on that one! Let's have a great week!


Week of September 7:
   I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend. We will be starting to wrap up a few things this week, including our science unit on Energy and our study of the American Revolution.  We will continue in Module 1 for math, working on rounding and estimating.  We are just over halfway through our Tuck Everlasting novel study.  Please remember to send back (charged) Chromebooks and chargers tomorrow. 
 **We still have one charger that does not belong and are missing one charger that does belong**
*Homework Helper starts tomorrow and is available to 4th-6th graders from 3:15-3:45.  It will be held in the elementary library this year.  It is a place for students to go work on their homework and one of the teachers will be available to help.  It is not a social time and students must have arrangements made to get home at 3:45. If you're planning on your child attending Homework Helper, please send a note. 
Let's have a great week.

Week of August 24:

   I know I already said this, but we had an incredible first day of school.  I was so impressed by how well the students handled being back in the school setting after so much time away, especially with having to stay distanced from their friends, and having to keep their masks on. They did such a great job! This week we will start getting into a routine with our schedule.  We also have some beginning of the school year benchmarks to complete.  
  We will start our first module in Eureka math.  This module focuses on place value and rounding.  Students will also get started on Zearn and XtraMath this week, and will be asked to work on those two things on Fridays during remote learning, as well.  
  We will begin our first novel study this week, Tuck Everlasting.  In addition to reading the novel in class, the students will be working through a digital novel study on their chromebooks.  
   We are going to talk about 7 UP Sentences in writing on Monday, typing practice on Wednesday, and cursive practice on Thursday.  
   Before we begin our study of the regions of the United States in Social Studies, we will study how the United States came to be by doing a brief study of the American Revolution.  In addition, we will read a book from the I Survived series: I Survived The American Revolution, 1776. 
    In Science, we will be studying energy transfer with some reading, a video, and an experiment to see how energy transfers from light to heat.

On Friday, students should work on XtraMath and Zearn, complete the Daily Check In on our Google Classroom, check for any additional assignments posted on there, and finish up any work they may be behind on.  We will have a class Google Meet session on Fridays at 9:30.  The link can be found in the top right side of our Google Classroom.  (The students have already practiced accessing our Google Classroom and will be pros by Friday, I'm sure). 

*Remote learners, please join Google Meets Monday morning at 8:30 for Math.  See you then!! 

I promise my updates won't always be this long.  Here's to a great week!! And always #ChooseKIND. 

-Mrs. B