4th Grade Curriculum Outlne
Fourth Grade is JAM-PACKED with awesome topics, super novel studies, and fun projects.  This is a tentative outline of our topics that we will try to cover each month.  It is subject to change, and it is very likely we won't get to everything on this list.  


*Northeast Region- S.Studies

*American Revolution


*Immigration- Ellis Island Simulation

*Tuck Everlasting- Reading

*Book Buffet Project- Own Choice Book/ @home

* Parts of Speech

*Place Value/Rounding/Algorithms


* Finish Northeast

* Story Elements


* Processes that Shape Earth - erosion, etc.

* Begin Native Americans

*Unit Conversions/Metric Measurement

*Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division


* Native Americans- Trioramas

* Begin South Region

* Natural Disasters

*Figurative Language

* Because of Winn-Dixie- Reading

*Multi-Digit Multiplication/Division


* Finish South Region

* Civil War

* Music of the South- Make instruments

* Food of the South- Southern Feast

* Desert Animal Research/ project

*Poster Contest for Ag

*Angle Measures


* Begin Midwest Region

* Industrial Revolution

* Goods and Services

* Assembly Line- Car activity

* Young Authors

* Inventors- STEM Research project

* What to do with a Box? Project

* Author’s Purpose and Types of Writing

* IAR Practice

* Fractions - Equivalence/Ordering/Operations


* Finish Midwest

* Story Elements Review

* Begin West Region

* National Parks- Brochures

* Landforms

*Fraction Equivalence/Ordering/Operations


* West Region

* Gold Rush

* Dust Bowl

* Rocks and Minerals

* Figurative Language (cont’d)

* Front Desk- Reading

* Decimal Fractions


* Finish West

* Poetry

* Begin Greek Mythology Research

* Exploring Measurement with Multiplication


* Greek Myth Wax Museum *Plays

* State Shoebox Floats- Each kid does one state- to culminate our state research for the year

* Hawaii Day- full day of fun also to culminate state research

* 4th Grade Sale